Time Change (2016)

For a few years, i took it upon myself to do a poster to remind my coworkers of the upcoming time change. When I first started doing them, it was a way to push what i knew how to do in Blender. As I did more of them, they also became a way for me to see my progress over time.  This is the scene from the 2016 version.

Because this was a poster aimed at a time change, there’s a number of references in this image if you know what to look for. There’s a couple of stuffed animals as a throw back to a time when I was younger. In fact, the stuffed tiger, specifically, is based on the one I got when i was a kid and still have to this day. His name is Stripes.  If you look closely at the clock, you’ll see that the “brand” name on the clock is Doc 88 and a symbol that has a unique look to it. All 3 of these are references to the Back to the Future movie series.  The book is a “never written” one… The Honest Politician by Ima Lyon.  On the cover are endorsements from Abe Lincoln and George Washington.  I think I did a version of this scene another time where the book was Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne.  Notice anything peculiar about the lamp?  Look closely at the profile. Do you see it? There’s a face there. And the face belongs to HG Wells — who wrote The Time Machine.

The clock is loosely based on one I had for years on my nightstand and the nightstand itself is based off the one I’ve been using for years.