Square Knot

Literally the day after I created the overhand knot, Blender 2.78 released with a new feature — Draw Curves!  This new (at the time) tool allows for faster creation of a curve because now, you could draw the line of the curve. Once you had the line of the curve, it was just a matter of moving and adjusting the handles back and forth in 3D space to create whatever it is that you wanted the curve to do.  Having just done the overhand knot, I quickly saw how it could be used to create knots. 

My first one that I tried using the new tool was the Square knot. The Square knot is one of the most basic knots that a scout learns to tie.  It joins two ropes of roughly the same size together.  Scouts will probably remember hearing “right over left and under, left over right and under”. (Doesn’t matter which is first… as long as you do the other second.)

For the texture on this one, I tried to use a rope texture. I think this is one I got from the Blender cloud… though it’s been a while, so I don’t remember for sure.  I do remember figuring out that converting the curve over to a mesh and creating a seam along the back side would allow me to make a UV map to make the texturing easier.  (This one here is actually a slight variation in that it’s better lit than my original.)