Spiral Wine Glass Rack

As a server, I’ve worked with wine for years. so it’s only natural that I might want to do something with wine.  After learning about depression era glass, I found one style was called a spiral pattern.  I was immediately intrigued, so try to do a glass in that style. Turns out, it was really easy to figure out how to create it. Once I had it modeled, I thought about how to display it. That’s where the wine racks on the floor where I work (or at least… the ones we had at the time) came in. They became the inspiration for the racks in this image. When it came to the bottles, I thought I’d play around with my creativity and introduce some humor. Be sure to read the labels in the close ups. One bottle even has a bit of an inception moment… it’s the very scene in the picture! (In the close-ups, I hadn’t smoothed out the rounding.) If you look closely at the merlot on the shelf, one has a dribble down the bottle.  I took great care to try to make the labels as accurate as possible. The background on the final shot is an actual picture of where I work.