Sintel, Vincent, and Victor

What would it look like if Victor, Vincent, and Sintel were in modern cloths and having a chat together? One of the projects from the Lighting and Texturing course I took at CG Cookie right around the time of Blender 2.80 alpha was to texture a character. Since I’ve been working with Blender for a while, I decided to do not one, but 3 characters.  And one thing I’ve always noticed is how lacking stripes are in CG art, but they are stupidly simple to do in Blender. All three are using their original 

For Sintel, I gave her a trendy pink and light blue themed outfit with a striped top.  The overall look almost makes her look like she just stepped out of a fitness center.

For Vincent, I did a plain pair of jeans and his shoes. To get the argyle on his shirt, I had to play around a lot with the seams. The shirt wasn’t a full modeled one and the way the shirt was originally set up didn’t make the set up very easy.  For clothing, the most natural place for seams will always be where the clothing naturally has seams… along the sides, around the shoulder, with one seam on the underside of the arm pieces. On a men’s button down, you could even get away with one more seam separating the shoulders on the back side from the other pieces.  The plaid is just a matter of crossing stripe patterns.

Victor was far easier to do because his outfit was modeled more correctly with seams where you would expect them (or at least the ability to add them easily… I forget offhand which).  Victor is rocking the blue pinstripes that just seem to look great on his lean body.