Living room

One of the courses that i took had an exercise to create a living room.  Since I’d been doing 3D modeling for some time, I decided to see just how far I could push the simple exercise. I took a few elements from my own living room and added them into the design. For example, i added a game console and controllers as well as some DVD, game, and Blu Ray cases (hence, the mix of colored cases). For the photo on the wall (by the window), I used the render of my low poly Chihuahua Cerberus.  For the image on the TV (between the two plants) I used a still from the open movie Spring, which had recently been released.  I also took inspiration from my love of Rubik’s cubes and so I added a set of different sized cubes.  While I could have pushed the design even further, all these little touches help to make the room feel more like a lived in, used room, and not a sterile “staged” room.

I also did a night time version of the scene, which really lets you see the image on the far wall is a TV and not just an image on the wall.