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Chibi Me Waving When I first started this site, I left space to be able to start a blog, but I never got around to even creating a single post… I guess it’s about time that I did that.

I wanted to have this space  so I could share my thoughts. My reflections on things that I’ve been learning. I thought it could also be a space where I can talk about some of the projects that I’ve been working on. Maybe even share what’s going on in my life.

All of this I realize makes it difficult to pin down a specific “niche”…. something I’ve struggled to define for myself.  So what exactly is my niche? Well… I’m sure that I’ll be talking a lot about art, specifically CG art. Mainly using a program called Blender.  I’ve become fascinated with Blender not just as a modeling tool (something I’ve used it for ever since I first discovered it) but also as a drawing tool since they introduced the updated Grease Pencil tool set way back in the 2.8 Alpha (in the early days of the most recent  indepth redesign of Blender and it’s interface).

I’m also likely to talk about one of my favorite MMORPGs, Final Fantasy XIV. I play that game… a lot. I’m one of the crazy people that has many alts. (So many, in fact, that I’m almost capped on what I can have on a single account.) One of the things I’ve thought about for a while is starting to take what I’ve learned playing the game and sharing it with others so they can benefit from some things I’ve learned. (And I think I may have an opinion or two that contradicts much of the accepted dogma on a couple of things.)

I read just about every book on Greek mythology I could get my hands on

Ever since I was little, I’ve been fascinated by fantasy. In fact, when I was in junior high and High school, I read just about every book on Greek mythology I could get my hands on, and as I neared the end of high school, I became fascinated with authors such as Piers Anthony, David Eddings, CS Lewis, and JRR Tolkien. In the years since, I’ve also read a number of books by Terry Goodkind, JK Rowlkings, and George RR Martin (having read some of the Game of Thrones series long before they were a popular HBO series) — just to name a few. These stories sometimes lead to inspirations for things that I want to do with my artwork.

Another huge influence on my art work in particular are movies and TV series such as Star Wars, Star Trek (What? Who says you can’t like both?), Babylon 5, as well as things from Marvel and DC.  I love a good hero movie.

More recently, I’ve discovered anime and that, combined with a love of cartoons when I was younger, is another thing that I’m finding is a huge influence on my art work. If anything, cartoons and anime have greatly influenced the style of the characters that I’ve been drawn to drawing over the last year.

I would hope that sharing my own struggles… might help others 

Over the years, I’ve also read a lot of personal development and self improvement books which may influence things that I may choose to talk about on here.  I’ve often thought about taking something that I’ve learned in one of those books and just share my thoughts on what I’ve learned, how I’ve seen the things talked about in these types of books show themselves in my own life. And I would hope that sharing my own struggles in applying what I’m learning from books like them might help others in their own journey.

One of my biggest struggles over the years has been consistency, and the fact that I have ADHD is probably a huge part of the reason why, so ADHD and my struggles with managing it are sure to be a topic I would talk about. While I’m not a therapist (and don’t plan on learning how to become one) or even a life coach focusing on ADHD, I feel like I’d want to share my own experiences.

To the dismay of some of my coworkers, I’m also a huge fan of puns. Well, humor and clever things in general, but puns in particular. I’m often telling my coworkers (and my Twitch stream and friends) dad jokes. Some I’ve known for years. Some I look up on the internet. Some I see on Tik Tok or somewhere else.  I am a dad. I come by it honestly. (I inherited my humor from my kids.)

I’d like to synthesize all of this into my artwork in a way that is encouraging and inspiring

Somehow, I’d like to synthesize all of this into my artwork in a way that is encouraging and inspiring for the people who follow me.  And I would like to eventually be able to use my art to support myself and my family through merchandise that I can sell through an online store, including shirts with funny or clever things on them, prints with artwork, mugs, and other things.

Well, that’s a brief look at what I hope to bring to this site. If you ever want to watch me work on my art work, you can stop  in for a chat over on Twitch. You can find me there as the same name as this site, GreyDeepy, as well as on most of social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok. My plan is to work on finding at least one to be consistent on (and here). So between now and the next time we get to see each other, stay focused on what you can do, not what you can’t!




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