Hello world!

Hello! And Welcome to GreyDeepy.com! My name is Grady Pruitt, aka Grey Deepy. I’m a CG artist focusing on 3D modeling and rendering, though I do some drawing at times as well. Most of the work I create is made using a free, open source program called Blender. You can find out more about Blender at http://www.Blender.org.

My work has a number of influences. Many of my most recent drawings have been inspired by Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) characters, both NPC and user created. I’ve also been heavily inspired by my love of Greek mythology and fantasy books I read growing up. I also spent a lot of time in Boy Scouts and developed a love of knots. That has influenced some of the abstracts that I’ve created. To see examples of my artwork, check out the Gallery. The first area in the gallery is my Portfolio, which has what I feel are the best of my art pieces. The other galleries group the pieces to organize things so that similar pieces are together and make it easier to browse my gallery. Some projects within all the galleries have several variations that show the progress of how that particular piece progressed from start to finish.

I do stream creating a lot of my artwork on Twitch. Feel free to check out my channel. I currently stream Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays starting around 11 PM. One thing I may do with my blog posts (in addition to what I mention below) is share when I plan on being live on weeks when that schedule might change. If I do change the schedule on a more permanent basis, I will update that on the About page.

This area, the blog area, will have two purposes. One is to hold the tutorials that I plan on creating. The other is to share my thoughts on various topics that come to mind. My plan at this point in time is to try to do a tutorial every week, focused either on sharing what I’ve learned about making art in Blender or on how to play FFXIV. Those tutorials can be viewed from my blog, but they can also be viewed on my Grey Deepy You Tube channel. As I get more tutorials made, I will add a tutorial area to help organize them. The other type of posts with my thoughts on more random topics could come at any time, though I’m thinking of releasing them on Mondays.

Comments on everything are always welcome as long as they are respectful of myself and other people. Even when we may disagree, I won’t delete the comment. However, being disrespectful to myself and others won’t be tolerated and such comments that devolve into name calling, attacks, and other similar activities will be deleted. Also, comments that are just self promotion and don’t contribute to the conversation in some way (ie spam) will be deleted.

I am working on building an email list as well. Feel free to subscribe. Right now, I don’t have much content going there, so am open to feedback. Also, at some point, I may open up a shop for prints of my work if there is enough interest in doing so!

And before I forget, I’m opening up myself to commissions! if you are interested, check out the Commissions page. I have a limited time offer that just might interest some of you, so be sure to check it out!

Finally… what would you guys like to see and hear? Have a suggestion for the site or something you’d like to see? Share your thoughts in the comments below!