Who am I?

You may be asking yourself “Who is Grey Deepy and what’s up with this weird name?”

Where is this name from?

In 2019, I was playing around at work and drew the letter D with a pencil and colored it in. Joking around, I told my coworkers it was my name. My name is Grady. It was a D.. that was grey… Grey D.

A few days later, I was creating a character in Final Fantasy XIV. A male lalafel. I remembered the grey D I drew and thought that would be a great basis for a name. But I didn’t want to call him Dee, because that seemed more like a girls name to me. My last name starts with P, so I tstarted thinking if you put D and P together, you get Dee Pee… Deepy… Grey Deepy!

I’m a fan of puns, and I quickly saw the genius of Grey Deepy as a name. It was literally a pun on a username that I had used in some variation for years, GradyP. But there were times where that name had already been taken, so i had to use a number to differentiate myself.

Starting with Twitch, I began changing my usernames and gamer tags to this more unique name, making it easier for people who know me from my streams to be able to find me.

I am GreyDeepy

I am Grady Pruitt, a CG artist and a Twitch Streamer going by the name of GreyDeepy. I create art using a 3D modeling program called Blender (and have even been using it’s Grease Pencil tool to do some 2D drawings).  When I’m not modeling, sculpting, or drawing, I play Final Fantasy XIV.

My art is influenced my my love of knots, many of which I learned to tie as a boy scout, and more recently an interest in infinite knots. Other influences include mythology (particularly Greek and Roman mythology) as well as fantasy literature, such as The Lord of the Rings and the Chronicles of Narnia (both long before the popular movies of recent years).  I’ve also been drawing inspiration from games I play, such as Final Fantasy XIV.


Streaming Schedule

Streaming schedule being reworked.